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Nastec SUND SOLAR POWERED Variable Speed Pool Pump

By 19/08/2022Our Products
NASTEC SUND Pool Pump Design

SUND is Nastec’s solar solution for the circulation and filtering of pool water.

Features include:

  • Energy saving thanks to photovoltaic energy supply and variable-speed operation
  • Lengthening of system life and greater system reliability
  • Quick and simplified installation thanks to the electronics integrated into the motor and smartphone control via Bluetooth
  • Quick return on investment
  • Extremely low noise operation
  • Installation in humid and dusty environments thanks to IP55 (NEMA 4) protection rating

SUND can be powered by solar panels or mains supply. In this way, the pump’s operation is guaranteed at any time of day. It is also possible to meet demand peaks through mains power in order to avoid over-dimensioning of the photovoltaic system. When installed, the HMA accessory automatically manages the switch from one source of energy to the other based on multiple logics that the user can select, for example radiation level, time of day, achievement of the daily flow requirement or remote control via digital input.

If you feel your pool pump is not up to the task of handling the upcoming summer season, why not have a chat to us about a SUND pool pump for your property?