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Nastec NERA DIY Solar Pump Kits

By 15/07/2022Our Products
Nastec Nera 2 Panel Kit

Nastec kits take the hard work out of Solar pumping!

If you’re a little bit handy, DIY Solar Pump Kits can be purchased for easy installation by the end user.

Your local dealer can provide a sizing recommendation for your application, package your order ready for shipping and equip you with installation guidance.

Nastec NERA 2 panel kits come with:

  1. NERA solar pump
  2. 2 panel array
  3. 2 x 370W solar panels
  4. DC Isolator – plug and play
  5. 30m 2C&E electrical cable
  6. 20m Crusader hose and adaptors
  7. Basic headworks kit
  8. 10 x Concrete
  9. Earthstake

Find a WA Nastec dealer in your area here