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PV-ezRack® PostMount 6, 8-A


PV-ezRack® PostMount 6, 8-AOverview

PV-ezRack PostMount-A delivers flexible and durable designs to mount six or eight panels per post. It is ideal for remote off-grid applications such as water pumps or small residential and commercial systems. The panel tilt is easily adjustable between 10° and 60° throughout the year and comes with hassle-free mounting thanks to patented components such as the PV-ezRack rails and clamps. The combination of high quality aluminium, stainless steel and galvanised steel components make this a robust, reliable system with excellent corrosion resistance.

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for every soil condition

    With its concrete foundation, PostMount can be installed on even or uneven ground or on a slope, making it suitable for any soil type and a wide range of applications.

  • Adjustable tilt angle

    The steel cap (post head) is designed to tilt panels between 0° and 60° to ensure that you get the required power output you need – anywhere, anytime. Changing the angle merely requires a single pair of spanners.

  • Robust and reliable

    Mounted on aluminium rails the panels are supported by robust galvanised steel landscape and master tubes secured with stainless steel bolts. The post is fixed into a concrete foundation.

  • Quick and easy installation

    Innovative and internationally patented, the Z-Module technology is used in almost all PV-ezRack components. The Z-Module provides a quick, easy and safe installation method and can be inserted into the rail at any given point, secured with just three hand grips.