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MIDA Solar Overview

Next generation of solar pumping inverter. Ideal for any kind of solar pumping application


  • New solar pumping systems creation.
  • Conversion of existing systems into solar pumping systems.
  • Control of both three-phase and single-phase pumps.
  • Soft start and soft stop.
  • Installation on humid and dusty environments made possible by IP66 (NEMA 4X) protection degree.
  • Easy and fast commissioning thanks to initial configuration wizard.
  • High thermal and mechanical performance thanks to aluminium case and independent ventilation.

Maximum flexibility in several areas of application

MIDA Solar can be used with any type of traditional AC pump, thereby offering maximum flexibility in several areas of application.

When using surface pumps, MIDA Solar can be used for an irrigation system drawing water from a nearby water supply, or powering a pool pump at no cost.

When using submersible pumps, MIDA Solar can fill tanks for watering livestock or simply irrigate lawns or crops.


MIDA Solar, in MP (MultiPower) version, guarantees the operation of the pump at any time of the day

To ensure the functioning of the pump at any hour of the day. This controls the peaks of water demand using AC input to avoid the oversizing of the photovoltaic system.

HMA accessory, MIDA Solar, in MP (MultiPower) version, can be powered in DC by solar panels or in AC by network or generator used in combination with MIDA Solar MP models, manages independently the exchange from a source of energy to another on the basis of several options that can be select by the user:

  • irradiance level.
  • hour of the day.
  • achievement of the requested daily range.
  • remote control trough digital command.

MIDA Solar Technical Specifications

Model V in DC V in AC * Max V out Max I out P2 motor power ** Size Net weight Packing dimensions Total weight
VDC VAC VAC A VAC kW kg mm kg
MIDA Solar 203 90 – 400 90 – 265 250 3,5 1×230
1 2,6 220x170x170 2,8
MIDA Solar 205 90 – 400 90 – 265 250 5 1×230
1 2,6 220x170x170 2,8
MIDA Solar 207 90 – 400 90 – 265 250 7,5 1×230
1 2,6 220x170x170 2,8

* AC power available only for MIDA Solar MP models.

** Typical motor power. It is recommended to refer to rated motor current when selecting the MIDA Solar model.

General specifications

Rated frequency 50 – 60 Hz (+/- 2%)
Ambient temperature -10 – 50°C (-14 – 122°F)
Max. altitude at rated current 1000 m
Protection degree IP66
Settable digital outputs N.O. or N.C. 1. Motor run signal
2. Alarm signal
Analog inputs (10 or 15 VDC) 1. 4 – 20 mA
2. 4 – 20 mA
3. 0 – 10 VDC
4. 0 – 10 VDC
Digital inputs 4 digital inputs, configurable N.O. or N.C.
Communication RS485 MODBUS RTU, Bluetooth® SMART* (4.0)