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PV-ezRack® SolarTerrace


PV-ezRack® SolarTerrace™ Overview

PV-ezRack® SolarTerrace II™ is a pre-assembled modular ground mount system capable of accommodating as many panels as required, making it suitable for commercial and utility scale installations. By using smart, patented design and high quality components, PV-ezRack SolarTerrace II saves developers, operators and installers time and money when delivering large scale projects. The product is mainly manufactured from anodised structural grade aluminium and is suitable for installations on uneven ground.

PV-ezRack® SolarTerrace III™ is a universal pre-assembled ground mount system for sites where ramming is not feasible. It is suitable for nearly all PV panels including thin-film modules. This unique system is manufactured from structural grade, anodised aluminium and with stainless steel fasteners to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Furthermore it delivers exceptional value per watt installed and provides a strong and sturdy structure that is suitable for use in high wind and snow load environments.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Installation

    Driven pole technology and the pre-assembled components reduce the construction lead time and labour costs of large scale projects.

  • Good Compatibility

    Designed as a universal mounting system, PV-ezRack SolarTerrace II is compatible with most of the major framed and frameless PV panels on the market.

  • Versatile Application

    SolarTerrace II can be applied to meet various engineering requirements. Posts are available with a wide range of in-field adjustability from 5-30 degrees

  • Excellent Adaptability

    With high quality steel (with robust surfacing system) and with anodised aluminium components SolarTerrace II can be deployed in harsh environments.

  • Assembly Flexibility

    The wide range of horizontal and vertical adjustability of the post head can balance out the dislocation of the rammed posts.

  • Cost Reduction

    The components’ design and pre-assembled nature trimmed to optimum balance of structural reliability and cost reduction in manufacturing as well as quick installation, saving you on component and labour costs.

  • 10 Year Warranty

    Clenergy provides a 10 year product warranty for your peace of mind.

  • High Quality

    Strict ISO 9001 based quality control over materials and finished products ensure optimum strength and long life for your installation.