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Save money on powering your bore pumps by varying the speed of the pump.

By 12/08/2022Installations
Brajkovich Bullsbrook Nastec 4HS AC System 3

Here’s another great example of Nastec products hard at work in WA.

This client in Bullsbrook, Perth WA required automation of their bore pumps with the ability to speed the pump up & down as required thus saving power.

Watertorque installed a Nastec 4HS AC Variable Speed Drive system with the following features:

  • Power saving thanks to the Inverter
  • Constant pressure via pressure transducer
  • Dry run protection
  • Easy to read display
  • Automatic control in conjunction with Hunter PRO-HC Hydrawise controller

Wanting to save money on your power bill? Talk to your local Nastec dealer about 4HS VSD AC bore pumps.