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Farmers & Solar: A perfect partnership

By 09/06/2021May 6th, 2022News

The benefit of farming and solar partnering up cannot be understated.

With 40% of the world relying on agriculture as their main source of income, finding cheaper and more efficient ways to keep their businesses running is paramount.

Switching to renewable energy for water extraction will be beneficial in the long run for the environment and the costs of agricultural upkeep.

This is exactly why the ‘National Renewables in Agriculture Conference’ has been established: to get the conversation started about what does and doesn’t work with solar in farming.

Most farms have access to high levels of sun and wind, making it the prime real estate to have natural power running the place.

Solar generates zero emissions, which not only benefits the environment, but creates net profit for the farmers and solar projects alike.

Solar can reduce electricity bills up to 70%, with most clients using solar power seeing over a 50% saving after installing solar panels.

This can offset the initial cost of installing solar pumping systems and solar panels, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run for farmers and businesses.

Studies in Germany have even shown that it can increase productivity of a farm up to 160% compared to farms who didn’t use solar machinery.

Nastec specifically tailors their products to be able to provide the best solar pumping solutions to agricultural areas, already strengthening the connections between Western Australian famers and solar projects.  

Creating strong links between the industries is the sensible solution, with farmers needing to trust the solar process and be open to new ideas and solar companies willing to support these important businesses.


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