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Booster sets.

With VASCO – VAriable Speed COntroller inverters is possible to realise booster sets with one or more pumps (up to 8) to be controlled at constant pressure.

The device can be mounted directly on the motor fan cover with a specific kit. The extreme strength of the connection allows its installation even on horizontal pumps.

Screen display can be easily rotated to optimise the parameter view.

Motor mounting – besides the compactness and the saving of additional control panels and wiring – guarantees very good cooling of the inverter and low electromagnetic emissions due to the reduced length of the motor cable.

IP55 protection allows installation in humid and dusty environments.

If device cannot be installed on the motor fan cover, it is possible to secure it to the wall with an optional kit composed by a cooling fan fed by itself and a metal wall bracket.

IP 55 protection does not require including the device drive in any additional control box so the device can be installed very near the pump.

COMBO mode control allows to switch the starting of pumps based on real working time and, in case of failure, the remaining pumps continue operation to always guarantee service.

Once the damaged unit is replaced, COMBO will preferably move the operation to the new pumps to equalise the running time.

1 device + 1 or 2 DOL pumps.

A first way of splitting consists of installing one pump driven by device and 1 or 2 DOL pumps directly connected to the main power (Direct On Line); device switches on/off the 1 or 2 DOL pumps through contactors.

Device alter-nates the two DOL pumps to average pump wearing.

From 1 to 8 devices in COMBO connection.

A second way of splitting (named COMBO) consists of using several pumps in parallel (up to 8) each one driven by a device unit.

In this way, efficiency and the reliability of the pump group is maximized.

Each device controls and protects its pump and the operation is shared among all the connected pumps to average pump wearing; in case of failure the remaining pumps will maintain the pumping operation.

From 1 to 8 connection + 1 or 2 DOL pumps.

Additionally it is possible to equip the system with pumps connected in COMBO mode plus 1 or 2 DOL pumps to satis-fy additional water demand.